Résumé (PDF)

Weird Stuff

Citicar Restoration
My Instagram clone for vintage digital cameras.

Software Development

Instagram Clone (Python, Django)
IS31FL3741 LED driver library (C)
NT35510 TFT driver library (C)
Terminal Parser library (C & C++)

Hardware Development

Nikon lens adapter
The $15 Linux Machine
Portable Dumb Terminal
Mr. Robot Badge
Zip Drive Tower
Full Color Circuit Boards
RGB Gaming Coaster
Serial Fidget Spinner
Baud Box
A Wall of Circuit Boards

CAD Design

Silicone Membrane Keyboard
Injection Molded Palmtop
Retro-inspired industrial design
A Modern BeBox
Hardened clamshell computer
3D Printed Tank Treads


I needed a small Linux box for my desk; this means I needed a Raspberry Pi. I didn’t want a ‘normal’ case, so I made a tiny BeBox:

Photo of BeBox

A BeBox, if you’re not aware is a weird little computer from the mid-90s, and could have been the basis for OS X. About 2000 were ever made, making this one of the rarest vintage computers. Unobtanium, basically.

The entire thing is built around a Raspberry Pi 4, with a dual-HDMI extension board to make all the ports come out on the back. Blinkenlights are included, programmable with a Python script and a MCP23017 I2C/GPIO chip. The ‘blue’ part of the case is suitable for a filament printer, while the gray is better suited for resin.

Inside of BeBox

More information can be found in the BeBox Repo.

BeBoxen Together

With a real BeBox