Résumé (PDF)

Weird Stuff

Citicar Restoration
Converting a car to CAN
My Instagram clone for vintage digital cameras.

Software Development

Instagram Clone (Python, Django)
IS31FL3741 LED driver library (C)
NT35510 TFT driver library (C)
Terminal Parser library (C & C++)

Hardware Development

Nikon lens adapter
The $15 Linux Machine
Portable Dumb Terminal
Mr. Robot Badge
Zip Drive Tower
Full Color Circuit Boards
RGB Gaming Coaster
Serial Fidget Spinner
Baud Box
A Wall of Circuit Boards

CAD Design

Silicone Membrane Keyboard
Injection Molded Palmtop
Retro-inspired industrial design
Quarter-Scale Retrocomputing
Hardened clamshell computer
3D Printed Tank Treads

Silicone Membrane Keyboard

A side project for the Portable Dumb Terminal, this silicone membrane keyboard is a custom keyboard, much like the buttons in a TV remote control. It was designed in Fusion360 and manufactured for ~$1/piece in quantity 1000.

Silicone Membrane Keyboard

The keyboard presents 69 keys to the user and is interfaced with a custom Eagle library for ‘carbon pill’ buttons. Reading the keyboard is as like any keypad scanning firmware, with the exception that diodes are not used in this implementation – instead, a custom scanning protocol was used to prevent key ghosting.

The keyboards were manufacured with a process that is like – but not identical to – injection molding. Imagine putting a sheet of silicone inside a waffle iron. Legends were then printed onto the keycaps using a pad printing process. Because the legend printing is seperate from the forming of the silicone, many different legend styles can be created without manufacturing a new mold, DVORAK, QWERTZ, and AZERTY, for example.

More information can be found in the Portable Dumb Terminal repository.